When is The Best Time to Post That WSO?

You can have a great offer and a great headline, but if you don’t get enough people to see it, it doesn’t much matter!

To know the best time to post, I’m going to again refer you to http://www.warriorplus.com/ to view statistics.  (Again, that’s the WSO stats area after clicking on WSO Tracker.)

Click All Time.  Take a look at the daily traffic statistics.  In general the best day to post is Thursday.  You want to post on a busy day, but one that isn’t followed by another super busy day.  You don’t want to get immediately bumped; the goal is to keep yours on the first page for as long as possible.  Posting after noon is also a good way to go, as most posts will be made first thing in the morning.  This means you’ll still get that heavy day traffic, but you’ll stay at the top a little longer rather than being behind all of those morning posts.

People still visit over the weekend, but less posts are made.  Using these tips and having a great headline (see previous post) are two ways to make sure you’re offer gets seen.

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