What is the ideal length of an article for it to be considered “authoritative” ?

It’s hard to assign an exact number to this, but it is definitely over 500.

There are many factors that, in my opinion, play in as well, for instance, subheads, bulleted lists, etc.

But really, stick to the standard of a well-written magazine article being the standard.

What are factors that a computer program could use to establish the “quality” of an article, other than being able to actually read and understand the content?  Think of the elements of a high quality magazine article that a computer program could readilly recognize.

Usually, quality articles have a number of different sections, separated by sub headings.

They usually have bulleted lists as well, perhaps charts or tables containing information organized to clarify the paragraph text. A computer algorithm could identify all these factors. Hyperlinks to relevant information that is related to the content help as well. Look at wikipedia articles, these are considered by google to be almost “untouchable” in their quality.

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