What is the ideal CTR and CPC for adsense ads?

Asking whether you have “good” CTR and “good” CPC is sort of like asking “how long is a piece of string.”

However, I will answer by saying it those two figures work together for you to get your target amount. If you have really high CPCs, you don’t need as high of a CTR to make good money.

Now, just to give you an idea of average CTRs that others experience:

20% is really high.  If you have a CTR this high, you’ll probably get your site manually reviewed by google because they’ll want to make sure you’re not faking clicks or something.

That being said, some site owners have really worked hard to improve their CTR and are still under 1%. Others are able to push their CTRs up into double digits. Probably many average site owners are between 1% and 5%.

But really, if you have high enough CPCs you can still make good money even if your CTR is under 5%. CPC is key.

Also, please remember not to insert too many ad blocks – this raises eyebrows at google.  Sidebar and a square ad block above the fold should be fine. See how your revenue does.  If needed, add another ad block after a while and see if it helps your revenue.  If it doesn’t, take it back off.

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