Updates in the SEO world

Well here at the Arbor SEO Academy we have been monitoring the many changes in SEO in the past year. From google’s algorithm updates named after various animals, to a certain update that targeted domains that all had something in common (hint hint), the world of search engine optimization is in quite a whirlwind.

However, it is important to remember that with all these updates, there are a few things that remain consistent that will keep you safe: Unique, quality content. Don’t overdo it with overoptimizing anchor text. Also, don’t overdo it with optimizing your on-page factors, especially keyword density of your main keywords. Keep your link profile consistently growing.

And here is one simple search engine optimization rule of thumb, that will beat all the seo software, seo tools, and seo services out there: Analyze the top 10 competitors for your target keyword phrase, and meet and beat them in PR, quality indexed pages, backlinks to your domain, and backlinks to inner pages.

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