The Facebook “Squeeze” Page

Did you know you can create a new tab on your facebook page that requests users like your page in return for free content. Please note, your website must have SSL security enabled/installed for your facebook app to function – this is a requirement of facebook.

If you are concerned about compliance with facebook’s regulations, according to facebook’s TOS, a promotion can require a user to take one of three actions: like a page, check in at a place, or connect to an app. You can’t require they take ANY OTHER action (posting, sharing, forwarding, etc), but requiring they like your page is legit.


This technique uses no FBML that I know of. It’s the most recent facebook app technique, using php and a ‘canvas page’.


For more information on installing SSL security, try one of the following. If you’re on a commercial webhost, you simply have to contact support and request SSL for your domain. Unfortunately is an added cost on your webhosting fee. If you own your own server, you’ll have to talk to your server administrator. I haven’t tried that myself, but it’s a good place to start.

Although this technique has worked well for us, some may wonder whether the additional click annoys people. I haven’t split-tested purchases from users who get their free content immediately on the reveal versus those who have to click one additional time. Giving away a high quality, useful freebie is a probably a larger factor in whether prospects want to buy from you.

In this case the extra click was a technical concession. In order to automate the process I needed the reveal page to simply include a link to the free content. Some users may want to link to a downloadable PDF, some a webpage with a video, some a piece of software. I couldn’t easily automate delivering all those types of content on the reveal page. So I simply made it a link.

But the above process is automating what you or your developer can do manually with a small amount of PHP/HTML. You could even run through my automated process above, then check out the code on the index.php page to reverse engineer how it’s creating the ‘force like’. In that case you can put whatever you want on the reveal page.
If it’s vital visitors to the page view the free content, you may want to deliver that content on the page immediately following the like . In the case of a free download (pdf or exe) this template will do that exactly.

But this brings up a good point. We almost always attempt to sell people through continued contact rather than on their first visit. The goal is to get the ‘like’ (or in some cases the opt in) and then market to the prospect over time, so their immediate action following the like isn’t as important.

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