Some Recommendations for WordPress pro themes

If you are considering purchasing a WordPress pro theme package to create quick website mockups, here are several thoughts:

1.  Be sure whatever you purchase gives you the right to use this on client websites (sometimes called a ‘developer’s license’).

2.  Some systems are one-time purchases, some are memberships. Consider that when looking at what they offer.

3.  All these systems offer many customization options, but I see two different focuses. Solostream is really a set of pre-built themes which you can customize. Ultimatum WordPress theme builder is more of a system for building from the ground up. Solostream offers more speed with less freedom, Ultimatum offers tons of freedom but would take more time for the initial development. The other two may be more of a mix. Consider which focus you’re looking for.

The other thing to consider is whether there’s a large community of developers/designers for the system you buy. Even though they require no code, these systems can be very complex to work with. When I used ProPhoto (like the systems above but aimed at photographers) for a client website, I basically handed over the development of the theme to a ProPhoto theme developer even though he worked entirely within the ProPhoto Admin. The system was so complex it was easier to hand my design over to him even though building the theme required no code.

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