Rank a Google+ Local Page in a Different City

OK Frank. Fred, sorry Fred, I’m back at home here in my home office, but I’m actually working upstairs so you’re going to hear our home schooling going on in the background here. OK, you asked here, “Can you shed some lights on points of your local geography in terms of plus page rankings within Google. For example, like can a single location auto repair shop get a higher ranking in the suburb of Parma, Ohio?”

So here’s a map of Cleveland and you can see how far out Parma is. It’s about two miles, three miles something like that out from the center of Cleveland. And it is possible if your physical address is in Parma, or in Cleveland, to also rank for Parma, searches for “auto repair shops Parma”. However, the difficulty is that it really depends on the niche because if you have a niche like auto repair shops, there’s going to be tons and tons of auto repair shops in this Cleveland area. I don’t know how many but possibly hundreds.

And so, Google has a lot of different of auto repair shops to choose from. And so that makes your job a lot more difficult. Now, also, if there’s no auto repair shops in Parma, then Google’s going to look to other cities for an auto repair shop. Now, I doubt with a big metro area like Cleveland that there’s not going to be any auto repair shops in Parma. So you’re really going to have your work cut out for you if your address is in Cleveland and you want a rank for people searching for “auto repair shop, Parma”. I’m not saying it’s impossible but you would have to be the premier, just an amazingly authoritative Google + local page, your website would have to rank for the search term, “auto repair shop, Parma”, as well as the search term, “auto repair shop, Cleveland”, just like if you search for it in quotes, your website would have to be right there up on top. You also have to have massive numbers of citations and reviews in order to beat this issue of your address not being in Parma.

So I don’t recommend that you hide your service area, I mean that you hide your address – you can hide your address and let Google know that your service area extends all the way out to Parma. But I don’t recommend that for something like an auto shop because your business is actually located where people actually come to your location and you service customers at your location. So I wouldn’t hide your address.

So anyway, you asked, “Are there any white hat tricks to extend the geographic reach of a single location?” There are, I just explained to you really just becoming the most authoritative + local page, but in your case, it looks like it would be very, very difficult and so I would really try to push them to use some other address and just make it like a unique location.

Now it’s really hard with auto repair because you’re going to have people driving to that dummy address, obviously. A P. O. box will not work, you can’t use any kind of P .O. box at all any more in Google so, really a dummy address is going to be your best especially for something like an auto repair shop, but if you want to stay white hat, you’re going to have to really, really ramp up your review citations and your back links and your content on your site.

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