Many people ask me what courses I recommend to get a SEO or adsense business going

You would be surprised at how many of the “gurus” out there are really teaching a completely doable, viable strategy that can make you a decent online income if followed step by step. Many of them aren’t hiding the “true secret” at all, but it is more an issue of follow through when you buy a course. I’m not accusing you of this, but I’m curious if this is you: I do find that the main problem is folks don’t follow through from start to finish on a strategy and they also don’t follow all the instructions step by step, but skip stuff, make adjustments, cut corners, etc…

Let me ask you this, have you followed the courses you bought already, step by step without skipping anything, INCLUDING getting yourself on a schedule of creating X number of sites per day/week? Let me know. Lets keep talking

Also, if you have other courses, let me know what they are and let me know if you followed them from start to finish in the comments.

You can totally make this adsense thing work but you have to get on a schedule. One EMD won’t work, you need many of them, then weed out the failures and focus on the successes.

The only thing you have to be a lot more careful of is your anchor text diversity since penguin.

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