How to Get Your WSO Seen in the Warrior Forum

A lot of money can be made by posting WSO’s, but what’s the best way to do it? Having a great headline is almost as important as having a great WSO.

To find out what headlines are working best for other people, visit this site:

and go to WSO Stats under the WSO Tracker area.

Take a look at the statistics for All Time. You can view a list of the most popular headlines used, which ones received the most visits. If you’re familiar with copywriting at all, you’ll be able to pick apart the elements in the titles that are the
most effective.

You’ll see that offers (free or otherwise) that have a time limit on them work well. ‘Offer only good until such and such a date’ is tempting – people will be inclined to take a look to see why the offer is temporary. Another tool is to make the WSO an event, by saying ‘Watch me make $8K in eight days’ or something similar. Then post daily updates or videos to show your progress. People will get and stay involved to watch the progress.

The more clicks you get , the more comments you get, the more likely it is that you’ll make some money!

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