How to Get Higher Paying SEO Clients

Are you good enough at SEO to guarantee a client good leads? If so, the first thing I would do is target higher paying clients. don’t do small time folks (grocery stores, laundrymats, etc…) go for bigger clients like lawyers and dentists. You should be able to make $1000 or $2000 a month from ONE client doing SEO if you can guarantee them good leads. What kind of clients do you currently have?

You’re basically doing the same thing you’re already doing, but you’re using lead gen to SELL YOURSELF to the client, to sell them your value, to get a higher monthly retainer. You could sell them leads on a per lead basis, or you could just charge a flat rate per month and it will be worth it to them if you keep the leads coming in.

First thing I’d do is get out there and start prospecting. Don’t buy any more courses. Get on google maps to locate dentists/lawyers/insurance sales offices and just start calling them. Don’t try to get clients at all at first, just practice. During your practice, call 50-100 of them outside your area (like in another state) and practice getting your sales pitch down. Make at least 20 calls per day and take notes, refine your pitch. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get a client from the first 100 calls but that is not the goal. Show them their competitors, show them the traffic potential with the google keyword tool etc…

Think about it, if you make 20 calls per day, you could make 500 calls in a month. Think you can land one $2000/month client out of 500 calls? I think you can.

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