Creating a Video Offer To Increase Profits

Usually audio and video have a perceived higher value, according to my tests (and the tests of many others).

If people buy a “book” they usually think $15-$25. If they buy a series of videos or audios, they think $18-$89. It actually takes less time to create a video or audio course, but you can charge more for it. No brainer.

Not only does it take less time, but you can do it for free.  Jing is one of the best FREE video software creators around.  It’s made by Techsmith (who make Camtasia) and it’s super easy to use.  You can download it here:

After downloading and setting it up initially, you can easily use it to capture whatever you’re doing on your screen (and saying, through your mic) and then either saving to your computer or uploading to a server.

This is another easy way to increase those profits and save you time!

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