Best SEO Practices – link building and social signals

Link building is still essential, but it is necessary to be more cautious, especially regarding anchor text keywords, exact match domains, and high volume blackhat links.

These types of practices, combined with low quality (spun, rewritten, or duplicated) content gets sites spanked these days! Usually it is some sort of combination of all these practices that gets a site spanked though.

Here are a couple important pointers for link building in a post Penguin/Panda world:

1) Don’t link from low quality/spun content directly to your money site if you want to be absolutely safe. Only link from High quality 2.0 articles.

2) It is still fine to blast these quality articles with blackhat links, to get juice flowing through to your sites. It seems like if you go more tiers out than that it isn’t as effective as it used to be.

3) Manual, high-quality link building continues to be very, very effective. Building 10 of these per day doesn’t take long and you could rank a site, completely safe from penguin, based on this alone.

4) Be very careful of your anchor text. Keep exact match under 20% or 25%. Many are ranking well with ZERO exact match links pointing to their site.

5) Social signals have also been discussed as a ranking factor by google, but no one knows exactly how strong of a ranking factor it is. However, I’d be willing to bet that the role of social in ranking will only increase so I encourage all website owners to get to work on their social profiles (see adsense course for details on this).

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