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I hesitate to even use the word “curation” because it is such a buzzword in the Internet Marketing Community these days, and many people give it all sorts of definitions that really confuse the issue.

Nevertheless, I’ve had a number of questions in the weekly webinars about this, and it is a very good way of generating content if done properly.

Here is a great interview with a curated blog network owner:

A few items to note:

1. Note how he uses other writers. He doesn’t have to do all this work himself. These are the people you will run into as you follow the processes we outline in adsense videos 14, 22, 23.
2. Note how he is saying focused on micro niche type topics.
3. He is optimizing his sites the SAME AS YOU. Mixture of Amazon affiliate banners, adsense, and other banners.
4. Minute 6:15 he talks about how he picks new niche sites to create.
5. He syndicates the content through to help motivate his writers to want to write, because it expands their reach.
6. These sites make between $1000 and $10,000 per month (at the time this article was written: … refresh=on )

Jay did a great panel/presentation re: amazon affiliate program:

And lastly, I know this stuff is from a few years ago, so if you want to follow what Jay is doing these days, here you go:

BY THE WAY, If you look at what I just posted above, its an excellent example of a curated blog post. The way I found the info above is 1) read a blog post where Jay was featured as a curated blog. 2) Looked on Youtube for relevant videos re: Jay’s projects. 3) Did google news search for his name and company name 4) Did regular google search limiting results by RECENT 1 year only.

Kinda shows you how curation is a great, simple easy way to create great content!

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